You’re sweating and dehydrating due to the heat, a we’ve already started talking about the winter months…you must be wondering if we’ve lost our minds!

And with the summer so fierce, we won’t be even surprise if that’s the case.

But the thing is, it’s the very fierceness of the summer that has us thinking about the winter—and not only about how lovely it’s going to be minus the heat. Since the world is built around opposites (the yin and yang effect for those who know), a fierce summer could only mean a fierce winter.

So we need to be prepared.

Here are our tips and ideas on how to prepare for the winter right from the end of summer.

Service the heat machines.

No doubt, if your summers are as warm as ours, then you would have had no reason at all to use your heaters. Contact your service companies and get your heating system. You might even consider getting one installed if you don’t have one already. Opt for ducted heating in Ringwood in this case.

Depending on your house, ducted heating may be more cost friendly and even safer. The decision is yours, of course.
Check on your emergency supplies.

It’s always better to check on your emergency supplies before the long winter month’s start. Restock your first aid as there might be bad winter days where you can’t run out to the pharmacy for your needs. It’s a good idea to stock simple and common cold, flu, and sore throat medicines as well; just in case. Don’t put this off for later…better safe than sorry.

Take a good look at the roof of your house.

When it’s possible, take a good look at your roof before winter starts. Check for leaks in the roof. These small leaks can be very annoying during the winter; and climbing on to the roof when it’s wet and cold won’t be any fun either!

During fall, observe the trees around your house. Try to figure out if any of those trees or the branches from them can cause harm to the roof during the winter. Consider trimming them or cutting them down if so.

Prepare your car or family vehicle.

Though not as necessary and immediate as the others, preparing your vehicle earlier is also a good idea. Vehicles malfunction frequently during winter, and they result in very dangerous accidents. Why take a chance with your life and the lives of your loved ones? Don’t forget to prepare your vehicle’s emergency supplies too!