Spiders everywhere. Spiders really aren’t a bad thing in your home, except when you wake up one morning and find out that one of them beat you to the bathroom for its morning shower. Honestly though, spiders do a lot more good than harm. The only problem is the rate at which they reproduce.

If you don’t keep their population in check you are going to end up with a home that you won’t even have to decorate for Halloween each year. However, there are ways to get the spiders out of your home so that they don’t turn it into a model of Dracula’s Castle from every vampire movie about the Bram Stoker character that has ever been made. 

Vacuum them to bits

One of the easiest methods of spider control in Kwinana is to vacuum them up! When you set out on your daily chore of vacuuming up the dust in your home, make sure that you vacuum up the spiders and their webs too. One simple method of keeping the population in check is to suck up their egg sacs and webs. Each egg sc can have hundreds of the eight-legged terrors inside them. 

However, if your spider problem is out of control, then you are going to find that this method is not very effective. Using a broom for the webs also works, but this is even less efficient than the vacuum cleaner. Try your hardest not to hurt the little guys. They are one of the most beneficial creatures for humans, and are very wrongly classified as pests.

Glued to the screen?

Glue traps are also quite an effective method of spider control once you know where to use them. Spiders that build webs aren’t likely to get fooled by a glue trap as they spend most of their time in the ceiling, looking down at you with all 8 of their beady little eyes. Make sure that you discard the traps when you are done using them.

While it is also possible to use residual insecticides to get rid of the spiders by killing them, we won’t go into much detail about these methods, mainly because we feel that it is a very wrong thing indeed to kill these creatures. Transporting them back outside and preventing them from entering your home again is a far better option.

You need to understand that not all of the insects that populate your home are bad for you. You need to know that some of them could actually be stopping other animals from entering your castle because they are natural predators and scare the worse ones off.