It’s when the holiday season starts that all people get so eager to go on vacations and getaway for a time away from home. The hustle and stressful work on busy weekdays, back and forth from home to office can certainly put a strain in anyone’s lifestyle. Vacation periods are indeed fun and it’s always nice to be home after the long spent holiday mode.

Things like sleeping on you own bed for instance can be just as relaxing for many after the vacation spirit is long gone. So this little place we call paradise, home sweet home or safe haven needs to be maintain and also be kept safe and sound from anything bad that can happen. One thing we all homeowners dread about is the entry of burglars! Crime stats have proven that there is a rapid increase in home break-ins during the summer and early autumn periods where many families go on vacations. Try out these foolproof tips that can secure your safe haven without a doubt!

Systematic Alarms

The rule of the thumb is to create many layers that a thief would find it a challenge when trying to break-in. Most of the criminals as a practice avoid breaking in to houses that are equipped with professionally installed burglar alarm system. Hence crime statistics have proven the fact that if many houses are equipment with such facility in the neighborhood there is less chance of those houses been burgled.

Garage and back door security

If you noticed present garage doors are fixed with doors that has glass panels or simply installed windows. By this anyone can figure out if you are at home or away by been able to see if your vehicle is in or not. Therefore it’s best to frost or cover the windows of your garage area and backdoor and replace with doors without windows. If any of your doors have broken locks and door knobs fix them without fail by obtaining services of 24 hour locksmith in Adelaide.

These on call locksmith can be able to attend to any emergency with related to locks.

Lighting in your home.

It’s always smart if you could replace your home lighting to motion sensory lights. These lights will be lit up automatically when there is somebody in the room which is bound to scare of these invited guests.

Intelligent gardening

Take necessary measures in maintaining your home garden. Tall unmaintained grass, small trees and bushes make an excellent hideaway for the thief’s. It surely doesn’t mean you need to completely clear your garden. Instead maintain it as a barrier but not too tall so that anyone can be disguised and hidden.